Puppy / Kitten Wellness Check

With our Philosophy of Care based in Wellness Management the Puppy /Kitten Wellness Check is the first in a long line of preventative care that will help your pet live it's longest and healthiest life!

  • Comprehensive Physical Exam

  • Scheduling Puppy (4) / Kitten (3) Vaccinations

  • Scheduling Fecal Exams (3x) ...

  • Scheduling Deworming (4x) ...

  • Scheduling Spay or Neuter Surgery

  • monthly / yearly flea, heartworm, tick preventative plan

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Yearly Wellness Check

The Yearly Wellness Check for Dogs and Cats is an Adult Physical.  This appointment helps ensure your animals wellbeing. It also allows the Doctors to assess your pet for typical or atypical signs or symptoms that may raise their attention.

  • Comprehensive Physical Exam

  • Routine blood panels

  • Heartworm testing

  • Fecal testing

  • Urinalyses

  • Routine vaccinations (Rabies, DHLP, Bordetella, Parvo, Lyme, Giardia)

  • Scheduling Teeth cleanings if necessary

  • monthly / yearly flea, heartworm, tick preventative plan

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Spay / Neuter Surgery

Your pet may be spayed (female) or neutered (male) if they are at least 8 weeks of age and weigh 2 pounds.  The main goal of sterilization surgery is to prevent the breeding of more animals, either due to wanting to uphold breed standards, wanting to help control the animal population, or prevent passing on genetic traits. 

  • Lab work

  • Pain Relief

  • Anestesia

  • Spay 

  • Neuter 

  • Overnight Stay

  • Medications for home care

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Teeth Cleaning

Preventing plaque and tartar buildup on your pet's teeth is one of the most positive preventative measures you can do for your animals health!  Plaque and tartar buildup lead to gum disease, tooth loss, accesses, jaw degeneration and even HEART DISEASE!  A finger brush or or animal tooth brush can help diminish buildup.   But some pets are predisposed to periodontal degeneration due to genetics.  Dental cleaning is one way to get them back on the right track.  As pets age teeth may need to be extracted, just as with humans.  And some breeds may require two cleanings a year to keep the plaque and tartar under control so it does not negatively influence an existing heart condition

  • Lab work

  • Pain Relief

  • Anestesia

  • Scaling, Radiographs, Polishing

  • Extractions if Needed

  • Medicatons for home care

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Fear & Anxiety in Pets

Fear and Anxiety in your pet is a physical reaction to a stimuli caused by the autonomic nervous system that initiates fight or flight behavior.  Not addressed this syndrome may become a phobia that may need drug therapy, behavioral counseling or intensive training to overcome.   

  • Lab work

  • extensive observation & history

  • Diagnosis

  • Plan of Action / Treatment

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Pet Behavioral Counseling 

Our team of professionals can assess your pet based on it's observable behavior and your accounts of it's actions. There are many reasons a pet could be having behavioral issues.  And there are multiple options and avenues to explore for you and your pet's specific situation.

  • Due to lack of training

  • Miscommunication between pet and caregivers

  • Underlying medical condition

  • Referral to behavioral specialist, trainer, or treatment for suspected condition

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Pet Weight Management

Your pet's age, breed standard, health, and activity level all influence their ideal weight. A preventative program of diet selection and management based on your individual pet will go toward helping maintain a healthier life for your pet.  

  • Comprehensive Physical Exam

  • consideration of health, breed, age, and goals for your pet's future

  • managed meal plan based on your pet's needs and your pet's job (show pet / couch pet)


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Prescription Diets

Depending on your goals for your pet or your pet's specific health needs we can consult and offer or refer specific diets and vitamins that can improve your pet's performance, aid in their pain management, help in their mobility or digestion, and extend their quality if not quantity of life.

  • comprehensive physical exam

  • lab work

  • managed meal plan based on your pet's health and wellness needs

  • medications and can or dry food for home health care

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Flea & Tick Prevention 

The best way to deal with all pests is to NEVER HAVE THEM!  Especially pests that can cause deadly diseases like fleas (heartworms) and ticks (lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever, etc.). And they ITCH!  Which may be the worst part.  Some pets even have allergies to fleas and ticks and that is truly tragic.  These pets will scratch themselves raw from a preventable pest.  Let us keep your pet comfortable and your family safe from these nasty creatures.

  • Comprehensive Physical Exam

  • heartworm test

  • consultation concerning the client's goals for flea and tick management, their ability to maintain scheduled dosing of oral medications

  • monthly /quarterly flea & tick preventative plan 





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Flea & Tick Treatment

If you have a flea or tick infestation (which can happen even in flea controlled homes due to a stray animal coming in, a mild winter that does not kill off flea larvae and eggs in the yard, or accidently missing a dose in your preventative plan) the sooner everyone is treated with the proper medications and your home and yard is treated with SAFE sprays that will kill live flea and ticks, eggs and larvae the more likely they won't get YOU!

  • Comprehensive Physical Exam

  • one time medication to kill all live fleas and ticks on pet

  • flea bath or dip to coat pet and put a protective barrier on their skin and medication on their existing bites

  • physical overview to remove all left over ticks and fleas BY HAND

  • monthly or quarterly flea & tick preventative

  • flea and tick spray for all soft surfaces in your home and your pets home

  • schedule pest control spraying of yard with special notations that it must be pet friendly

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