Auburn Veterinary Hospital

Our People


Our team of Doctors, Techs and Staff at Auburn Veterinary Hospital are a tight knit group of highly motivated professionals.  All Veterinarians have graduated from professional teaching hospitals with with Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees.  Technicians have also graduated from animal teaching hospitals as Certified Veterinary Technicians.  One of our main goals in our philosophy of care is to maintain an up to date, highly educated staff in order to provide the most current and comprehensive care for your family pet. 

The motivational force in our philosophy of care is that your pet is a family member.  We understand that today pets are often included on vacations, have their own birthday celebrations, AND INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS!   We know how important your pet is and we understand the responsibility of taking the utmost care of your companion animal.

Auburn Veterinary Hospital's philosophy of care centers on PREVENTATIVE WELLNESS CARE as much as acute health care and emergency care.  Our proposed wholistic approach to helping your pet live it's best life to it's utmost extent starts with monthly preventative worming and flea control, yearly wellness checkup and preventative disease maintenance, dental care, blood screening, and a comprehensive physical grooming regime.  Preventative Care is about helping your pet live as happy and healthy as possible for as long as possible in order to enjoy and experience as much as possible with your family.  And when your pet begins to slow down, as we all will, we aim to maintain their final years as happy, painless, compassionate, and joyful as possible while maintaining quality of life.  

We love our jobs, we take it seriously, we welcome you to join our family, and we can''t wait to meet your crew!


Mary Smith, DVM, Principal

Dr. Mary Smith is a second-generation veterinarian born in Scottsboro, Alabama. Her love for animals began at an early age, as she spent many summers at her father’s veterinary office.   Dr. Smith graduated with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Auburn University in 1990. She bought Auburn Veterinary Hospital in 1992 and continues the tradition of quality and compassionate care for the animals under her purview.  

Dr. Smith is soft spoken and compassionate.  She is known for her bedside manner and analog diagnostic skills!  She is very empathetic to older animals and animals with painful conditions.  But she loves puppies and kittens just as much as anybody!!!!!!


Jimmy Bowler, DVM, Associate

Dr. Jimmy Bowler was born in Bitburg, Germany and has traveled all over the globe as part of a US Military family before joining the US Air Force and proudly serving our country for 7 years.  In 2015 Dr. Bowler graduated from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine.  

Dr. Bowler is known for his lighthearted nature and simultaneous empathy.  He makes not so pleasant tests and slightly awkward conversations about your pet all the less weird with his humor and sense of ease in the exam room.  He loves working on big animals but will snuggle a tea cup chihuahua in a minute!!!  

mcelroy bw.jpg

Nikki McElroy, DVM, Assistant

Dr. Nikki McElroy hails from Cartersville, Georgia.  She earned a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Auburn University in 2000 and joined our Auburn Veterinary Hospital team in 2008. 

Dr. McElroy is the pinch hitter of the all-star team.  She can usually be found working weekends and afternoons when the other doctors are off.  Dr. Mac is a consumate professional.  She can come in and diagnose an animal, treat it, leave comprehensive notes, make a follow up call, and if anything else needs to happen her notes and information are so well written any other doctor can pick up where she left off without a hitch.  Pretty much the Perfect Pinch Hitter! 



Jeanie Mitchell, LVT, Manager

Ms. Mitchell began working at Auburn Veterinary Hospital in 2001 as the office manager and ultimate whipper snapper keeping everything in place and order.  Talking about herding cats --- literally!    In 2015 Ms. Mitchell earned her Veterinary Technician's license from Auburn University. 

Ms. Mitchell knows every patient's name and their family too.  She is the smile that usually meets  you at the door.  She is the one that is always pushing kittens from the Lee County Humane Society on clients in the waiting area!  She always has 4 things going on at once and always gets them done.  And she usually has a hairless dog in her pocket while she saves the day!